Fortify your products with the power of nature

More and more people are taking their health seriously, and now strengthening the immune system has become an important part of everyones mindset. The demand for natural ingredients and products without artificial additives is increasing. Our defense line for enhancing immune protection offers interesting opportunities for your products.

Conquer the market with our 6 strong players and let’s create effective, pure and innovative healthcare products together.

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When it comes to the game of vitality,
Mother Nature knows best.

Fortify your products with the power of nature! Times are tough, but our defensive line for enhancing immune protection offers enticing opportunities for your brands.


Immune Assistant

Pelargonium activates the first line of defense in the immune system as it

  • promotes the production of proteins by the body's cells as a defensive response
  • helps to strengthen the body‘s „immune fighters“ (phagocyte function)


Resilience Enhancer

Through its glycyrrhizinic acid Licorice helps to protect against intruders as it

  • supports increase of resilience of cells
  • helps the body to stand its ground


Protection Shield

Polyphenol-rich Cistus functions as a “protection shield” to help keep infections at bay. This is due to certain effects:

  • Polyphenols positively modulate immune responses
  • Cistus helps to maintain a healthy respiratory tract


Inflammation Guard

Rosehip is rich in antioxidants and that helps the organism "guard" against harm as it

  • supports the immune system and the fight against inflammation
  • can help protect cells from free radicals

Wild Thyme

Immune Modulator

Wild Thyme positively impacts inflammatory reaction, even beyond the respiratory system, as it

  • is rich in bioflavonoids which provide an immunomodulatory effect
  • helps to maintain healthy mucous membranes
  • supports the natural defenses through expectorant properties

Red Ginseng

Cell Fortifier

Red Ginseng supports increase of resilience of cells against numerous intruders as it

  • helps to reduce pro-inflammatory cytokines
  • shows protective characteristics for the body's immune "fighters"


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