360GUT is based on Thymus serpyllum. It is a plant based, next generation prebiotic designed to balance your microbiome, which plays a central role in human health. It works effectively in
a comparably low dose and is highly versatile in combination with pre-, pro- and
postbiotics. 360GUT contains precious polyphenols and supportive fibers, which are
essential for feeding the beneficial bacteria in your gut. Contact our sales team for more information on 360GUT, its studies and benefits.

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More than 40% of consumers worldwide report some form of gastrointestinal symptoms. The microbiome, as the central governor of health, is the major starting point towards holistic
well-being. 360GUT feeds the beneficial gut bacteria, which positively balance the gut. The most obvious group of consumers are those who already report symptoms of gut discomfort, such as gas and bloating. The same applies to a growing number of consumers that are adopting a more
proactive approach towards health and immunity. Finally, there is also an important role for gut health solutions in sport and exercise as gut discomfort (‘leaky gut’) is a primary challenge for athletes engaged in long duration and/or intense exercise.



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