Our Culture and Philosophy

The cornerstones of our company culture are trust and fairness towards our customers and within our organization. We believe in interacting with our customers on an equal footing, inspiring stakeholders with passion for our products and by fostering an open dialogue.

Every day, we use our skills and ideas toward shared success.

Join our great team and discover your green side!

The values that drive our commitment

Personal and enthusiastic

Personal describes our focus on relationships with clients and employees and our believe that people make the difference in all business transactions. Our low turnover rate and the confidence our clients have placed in us are a source of pride for us.

Enthusiastic - We are driven by passion for our products, and are successful because of it. We spread enthusiasm within our organisation and among our business partners as we share a focus on agility and keep an open mind for change.

Reliable and competent

Reliable – We exercise corporate responsibility in all our activities as we recognize our responsibility to business partners and end consumers using our products.

Competent – Finzelberg is a byword for expertise. Our success is based on the expertise of talented individuals. We believe that lifelong learning and ongoing skills development is essential for creating competence.

Sustainable and fair

Sustainable - We remain dedicated to a long-term, value-oriented business strategy, based on careful use of nature's treasures. Our work is shaped by the conviction that the decisions we make today will have consequences for all of us tomorrow.

Fair - We have created a professional setting based on respect, both within our organization and in relationships with our business partners. We value diversity and consider it a strength. We ensure fair treatment and conduct throughout the supply chain, including the countries where we source our botanicals.

Cooperative and efficient

Cooperative - We seek to establish relationships based on mutual esteem, respect and fairness, both within our group and vis-à-vis our business partners. We enjoy strong partnerships throughout the supply chain, from those who supply our raw materials to those who work at our sites: we are a team.

Efficient - Our success is reflected in the strong results we have achieved, made possible by strong motivation, expertise and practical competence. Every day, we turn the challenges we face into opportunities.