The healing power of plants - harnessed here

Finzelberg - where state of the art meets revered tradition. Since 1875, we have served as a reliable, steadfast partner to renowned pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, producing active botanical ingredients of the highest quality. This is always done in a spirit of trust, collaboration and mutual respect - between customers, suppliers and our employees.

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Raising the bar in efficacy and excellence

Finzelberg offers a broad portfolio of premium botanical extracts for herbal medicinal products and dietary supplements - from classic extracts for tablets and capsules to a spectrum of modern dosage forms. Every one of our offerings is of proven quality, bolstered by independent certifications. What sets us further apart is our entire network’s dedication to our customers’ needs.

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Fields of application

Making new ideas happen

At Finzelberg, we love a challenge. For us, there’s nothing more satisfying than finding the optimal solution for a customer’s specific need. What’s more, we consistently invest in new ideas and clinical studies that support the efficacy of our products. We push ourselves every day to further develop our modern portfolio and turn our expertise into your successful products.

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Quality and safety

Prioritizing quality and safety

For us, the two go hand in hand. At Finzelberg, we uphold the highest standards, from procurement to final extract - from product development through the entire value chain. To start, we ensure consistently safe supply of raw materials by maintaining close, long-standing relationships with our suppliers in their country of origin. Our responsibility to our customers, and their customers, is paramount. We’re a proud member of the nature network®, which promotes responsible sourcing, certified methods and innovative product creation.

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Living green at every level

As part of a family business, we have always embraced our corporate responsibility and made sustainability an integral part of our business strategies. At Finzelberg, we are keenly aware that a responsible, respectful environmental approach is critical, not only for the future of our company, but our planet, and future generations. We participate in local and global causes that closely mirror the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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