Our approach

We are committed to environmental and social responsibility

As part of a fourth generation family business, we strive to act and think holistically, sustainably and responsibly. We are convinced that holistic sustainable thinking and acting is an intrinsic component of our corporate responsibility and the foundation for long-term, value-adding growth.

As a global company with strong local roots, we want to promote sustainability both locally and globally and therefore comply with the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Since our supply chain extends all the way back to countries where our botanicals are sourced, we leverage our influence to improve specific social and ecological conditions in those countries through our projects. With our botanicals being sourced from over 60 countries around the world, “thinking globally, acting locally” is a mantra we live by every day.

There is no Planet B: We’re going climate-neutral

For generations, we have been aware of the responsibility we bear towards nature. Without it, our business would not have the high-quality plant products it needs. To ensure that our planet and its natural treasures are still around for future generations, the nature network, including Finzelberg, has set itself an ambitious goal: by 2030 all of our business activities, including in our supply chains, will be climate-neutral. This is how we are going to achieve that:

Our responsibility is focused on four core pillows:


Value-creating Growth

We aim for long-term, value-adding growth to offer reliability to our partners, customers and employees. Our entire value chain works together as partners under this goal while complying with all national and international laws.



We consider the environmental implications of our actions today to be able to harvest tomorrow. In recognition that biodiversity must be protected and the soil preserved during cultivation and wild harvesting of our botanicals, we have set our own targets in the areas of energy, emissions and water.


Supply chain

Transparency in the supply chain forms the basis for the sustainable sourcing of our botanicals. With the help of various tools, we ensure that our supply chain is respectful of human rights and child-labor free. In order to improve the working and living conditions of local communities, we develop projects that are friendly to the environment and social structures.


Employees & Communities

We offer our employees a positive working environment fostering skills training, continued education, work-life balance, diversity and equal opportunities. Our engagement in communities where our sites are located is important to us.

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Examples of Our Commitment

We walk the talk


Rhodiola rosea — cultivating for the future

Increasing demand for Rhodiola rosea has resulted in ever-decreasing supplies of the plant in collection areas. In response, Finzelberg has launched a long-term project to cultivate this rare species in order to safeguard its long-term supply for our customers. This cultivation is carried out under strictly monitored conditions in order to guarantee excellent quality for the future.


Future Prospects in Zimbabwe’s Agriculture

We are cultivating organic and fair trade certified botanicals that are suited to the regional climatic conditions on two tests farms in Zimbabwe. This is creating around 900 jobs on farms. Around 4,500 small farmers and botanical collectors are being trained in agricultural matters. Since rural households on an average consist of around seven family members, around 30,000 people in total benefit from this project.

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In order to maintain biodiversity, our team of ten experts works closely with our raw material partners, offering expert advice and ongoing monitoring to promote ecologically sustainable production methods.