RECOVERA is the only prickly pear extract combining cladode and fruit skins of Opuntia ficus-indica. Carefully extracted to preserve the precious active compounds, RECOVERA potentiates the role of insulin. As a result, it is a unique solution to support energy management and blood glucose control. A leading product application is post-exercise recovery through muscle glycogen storage, optimised protein and amino acid uptake. RECOVERA has specifically been developed with leading sports scientists and is backed by robust human clinical trials in collaboration with research institutes.

By helping consumers to control their energy with confidence RECOVERA is increasingly relevant to those looking to adopt a proactive approach towards exercise and nutrition with a focus on long-term health and wellness.

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Everyone is an athlete now.

The sports nutrition market is growing globally. An increasing number of health-conscious consumers adopt a proactive approach towards exercise and nutrition. To optimize performance, recovery and weight, consumers are increasingly seeking to control their body energy. Performance-oriented exercisers are looking to manage their ability to replenish muscle glycogen, to optimize shape and tone or to build lean muscle. Moreover, everyday exercisers want to better manage their daily glucose levels with a focus on long-term health and wellness.


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