Quality and Safety

Quality you can trust

As part of the value chain, we take our responsibility for quality and safety very seriously - from our own customers - all the way through to the end-consumer. Our process oriented, integrated management system is state-of-the-art, and it continuously is subject to certification from regulators and external organizations. Consistent compliance, and minimized risk - always top of mind at Finzelberg – by applying the highest standards from seed to finished extracts.


Botanicals and procurement

Responsible sourcing of our botanicals

Our botanicals procurement is both expansive and expertly executed, thanks to our participation in the nature network. By tapping in to the larger group’s combined expertise, we are able to maximize the security and transparency of our value chains. What’s more, our worldwide sites allow us to identify and exploit trends early, as well as identify any procurement risks and take swift countermeasures.


A blossoming portfolio of botanicals. Lemon balm. Passion flower. Artichoke. Our offerings encompass 150 botanicals from over 60 countries. From seed to finished extract, every item is nurtured with the highest quality standards, thanks to continuous supervision by our own experts. This hands-on approach improves quality, enhances sustainability and maximizes the active power of each plant. We also develop and use own varieties to optimise contents of active substances, which allows us to improve our products continuously and sustainably. On top of this, our inventory management reduces exposure to crop failures - a welcome security in a market often fraught with imponderables.


Our commitment to you

You can count on us


The diversity of our employees is a treasured asset here at Finzelberg, helping us to better understand, meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Our multinational teams are united with one goal - to ensure customers are looked after at every stage. Partnership-oriented customer service is hence a shared value at Finzelberg. Our partners can count on our support even with often complex registrations or international product audits!


Lab analyses

Stringent, meticulous lab testing


When it comes to the quality and safety of our products, we leave nothing to chance. Each product we offer undergoes rigorous and thorough quality control testing. While most of our testing is expertly done in house, we also have PhytoLab - our partner laboratory, on call to perform special analyses. As a member of the nature network®, this independent, accredited laboratory is very familiar with the diversity of the plants we use. A wealth of experience that has grown over many decades allows PhytoLab to make a valuable contribution to our quality management, working alongside our expert local teams. Because quality begets safety!


Manufacturing processes

State of the art extraction


Modern technology, supported by decades of broad expertise. That’s why our botanical production runs so efficiently. In addition to classic extraction, we use countercurrent and other dynamic extraction processes, along with more than five different drying processes - all done to maximize the efficacy and power of the plant’s active compounds.