Rooted in passion for plant-based benefits

Over 140 years ago, our founder, Hermann Finzelberg, had an insatiable interest in the restorative powers of plant-based pharmaceuticals on human health. This passion, a cornerstone of his fledgling enterprise, continues to drive the flourishing international company it has become. Nourishing that passion - investments in quality, efficacy and innovation - ensure that Finzelberg maintains its position as a global leader.

Finzelberg and the nature network: a strong team

Finzelberg is a member of the nature network- a fourth generation, family-run network of companies, all sharing the same passion for high quality botanicals. The network allows for the trustful sharing of resources and knowledge across different sectors and divisions of our Group, including the ability to monitor the entire supply chain, and integrate our sites into international networks. This scale sets everyone involved up for success - allowing for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovative thinking. We are empowered to offer the highest quality products that are traceable back to the seed.

A global presence

Finzelberg is a global player, with over 25 sales and manufacturing sites all over the world, thanks to our collaboration in the nature network. Beyond that, we have an even broader network of trusted sales partners. Not only does it help us to control our botanicals supplies, but it also gives our customers access to advice on global product launches.

Our mission is healthy

What guides us forward? A common desire to help people live healthier lives with the natural power of plant extracts. This, in turn, drives a healthy business for our customers. None of this can happen without the untiring commitment of our employees. We value them all - our senior staff for their boundless experience and knowledge, and the younger talents for their fresh perspective.

“Realize the full potential of plants for health”

This was the bold vision of our founder, Hermann Finzelberg, when he started this business back in 1875. He put all his passion and energy into developing plant-based medicinal products. Today, Finzelberg has grown from a small portfolio to more than 150 plants and botanicals, for a wide variety of applications.