CONCENTAL – Improves Cognitive Performance

Patent-protected CONCENTAL, the unique branded botanical extract of Sideritis scardica, is one of the company's "power extracts". It has been shown to boost cognitive performance in many different aspects. It increases attention by boosting the brain's concentration capacity, increases the brain's ability to perform in mentally demanding situations and reduces anxiety levels. It regulates blood flow in the brain in high-stress situations resulting in an immediate effect. All of this combines for a significant improvement in cognitive health in a caffeine-free plant-based solution.

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Your mind is a temple too.

In today’s world we’re more connected than ever, and it’s exhausting for our minds. Culture is starting to recognize the importance of brain health. Cognitive performance is fluid, and it responds to both nurture and neglect. People are starting to take mental fitness and cognitive health as seriously as they do physical fitness.

Cultivate your mental health.

CONCENTAL improves cognitive health in many different aspects. It increases attention by boosting the brain's cognitive performance, increases the brain’s ability to perform in mentally demanding situations, and reduces anxiety levels. It regulates blood flow in the brain in high stress situations resulting in an immediate effect. All of this combines for a significant improvement in cognitive function.

Power plant Sideritis scardica.

CONCENTAL is made from the extracts of selected Sideritis species, commonly called Greek Mountain Tea, which have been famous for their healing powers throughout history. The tradition of Sideritis scardica consumption is going back to antiquity as it has been appreciated already more than 2500 years ago on the Balkan peninsula. Our team of scientists have invested many years of intensive research, evaluating different raw materials, species, and extraction processes to enable maximum results in CONCENTAL.

Staying calm is half the battle.

Research has shown that dietary supplements with CONCENTAL will decrease your anxiety significantly, and that makes everything in life easier. Even more than that, with CONCENTAL your brain's concentration capacity in highly stressful situations improves significantly, that means you‘ll make fewer mistakes.

Here’s what you need to know:

CONCENTAL comprises the most valuable active pharmaceutical and nutraceutical ingredients in Sidertis scardica, making it a key ingredient in cognitive health for dietary supplements or pharma applications. It has a multitude of positive effects when taken in steady doses:

  • Increases blood flow in the brain
  • Strongly reduces anxiety
  • Increases concentration in high stress situations
  • Improves ability to process information
  • Boosts cognitive health, i.e. mental flexibility, concentration and memory


  • Scientifically proven in three human clinical studies
  • Patented based on WO2012025609
  • Caffeine-free plant-based solution
  • Vegan
  • Made in Germany
  • Versatile application: water soluble powder
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Scientific references

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