CONCENTAL is a plant-based and non-stimulant brain essential backed by strong proprietary research.
It is based on Sideritis species, also known as Greek Mountain Tea. CONCENTAL’s unique approach to fueling the brain by regulating cerebral blood flow and therefore delivering more oxygen can lead to cognitive improvements, which highlights its importance in a range of cognition products. By helping consumers to fuel their brain with blood and oxygen, CONCENTAL is increasingly relevant to those looking for increased concentration in high-stress situations, improved ability to process information as well as increased mental flexibility and memory.
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The demand for mental wellness, brain health, and cognition products is increasing globally and across different target groups.
CONCENTAL is a plant-based and non-stimulant brain essential backed by strong proprietary research. CONCENTAL is the solution to prime the key mechanism that fuels the brain with blood and oxygen, which is foundational for brain performance and health at any age, emphasizing its importance in all cognition type products.



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