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We are Finzelberg, the experts in botanical efficacy. We protect and promote health the natural way. Cultivating Rhodiola rosea is more than a project to us – it is deeply rooted in our DNA to think and act sustainably. For around 20 years, we have been intensely working on cultivating Rhodiola rosea. Commercially viable supply is essential to meet current and future demand. With our established cultivation of Rhodiola rosea, we aim to protect the species of the plant, which are severely endangered and were recently included in CITES.

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Cultivating Rhodiola rosea is more than a project to us. With our established and sustainable cultivation, we aim to protect the species of the plant, which were included in CITES Appendix II, while securing supply. More than 20 years of proprietary cultivation provide an extensive know-how in sustainably growing, harvesting and extracting commercially viable volumes of Rhodiola rosea extract.
As a natural pioneer, we were among the first companies to cultivate Rhodiola rosea and have been intensely working on it. For us, it is always key to monitor and experience the development of our sustainable cultivation first hand. 
To deliver the highest quality Rhodiola rosea extracts, regular field visits are important to us. We value the close exchange with our farmers and experts, since quality results from teamwork and extensive know-how.
Our Rhodiola extracts are primarily based on Rhodiola rosea harvested from our own cultivations in Western Europe. Manufactured in Germany and with the premium quality of Finzelberg extracts.


Since the 1960’s, Rhodiola has been extensively studied for its versatile adaptogen profile. Globally rising stress levels are driving consumer demand for natural remedies. Rhodiola enhances neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline. It increases alertness, memory and learning functions and relieves anxiety, depression, and mood swings.1,2 Rhodiola promotes the body’s natural energy production, enhances performance under stress, and reduces mental and physical fatigue.2,5 Rhodiola improves skeletal muscle damage and enhances physical performance.2,3,4 The efficacy of Rhodiola rosea by Finzelberg has been examined in 2004 in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over clinical study. De Bock et al. (2004) showed that the intake of Rhodiola rosea extract by Finzelberg improves endurance exercise capacity (VO2max) in young healthy volunteers from Day 1.4




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